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Alternative Medicine vs Traditional Medicine

TCM ( Trad. Chinese medicine) Posted on Mon, March 27, 2017 14:34:40

The fundamental differences, for me, is where the focus is. In Traditional medecine, the focus is on the virus, on the disease, and in the alternative, the focus is on the body, the person.
In this aspect, it makes sense to me. Think about drugs. The side effects listed on paracetamol alone ( and yet we give it to children). Which means they are not made for everyone, which means, there are factors to be considered on a case by case.
We dont all look the same, we do not all get the same diseases or to the same organs. There are genetics to consider, there is also the relation and interaction. Some people benefit from yoghurt, others get sick in their intestines.
The alternative medicines like Traditional Chineses medicine, take the person, and based on ancient knowledge that was for a long time UNTRANSLATED, regarding the quality of their hair, the color of theirs skin ( and at what season), their tongue, their eyes, they get to see how much inclination from their “body type ” they are. They get to see if a pain in the neck is from the liver, and if a rash ( eczema ) is from the lungs.

Traditional medecine, is also important. My father died of cancer, believing fasting and eating goji berries would save him. He was afraid of the hospital who forced a catheter on him when his kidney collapsed and he went to cardiac arrest. Which happened because he wanted to drink green clay water ( very beneficial to clean the organism from bacteria and infections, but full of potassium, that created the cardiac problem) to cure his cancer… Do you see where I am going with this?

I am not a doctor. I do pain management. Bowen is supplying enough for the body to get going and start a detox. Its enough to free stored energies and enough to bring the fascia to its optimal state, and take pain away.
But I want more. I want to know how burdened the organism is, and where there is a weakness. I want to avoid to perform the kidney move, until I m sure that the kidney is up to it, I want to detox but understand how much detox a person can handle.

The gut and the flora

Different things Posted on Fri, March 10, 2017 10:49:53

Very interesting article, please read

Some extracts here
The increase in obesity also correlates with the indiscriminate use of antibiotics on factory farms, says a paper in Frontiers of Public Health and
cannot be fully explained by “excess food energy intake, changes in
diet and eating behavior” and increasing sedentary lifestyles.
Antibiotics likely increase weight in livestock by strengthening microbes that absorb nutrients,
so why would they not increase human weight in the same way? Both obese
mice and humans have lost weight when the intestinal microbes of lean
mice and humans were insertedinto their systems. And there is another environmental source of antibiotics. Triclosan, found in products like Colgate’s Totaland Ajax and Dawn dish detergent is an antibiotic that also acts as an endocrine-disruptingpesticide. Traces of it have been found in earthworms from agricultural fields andAtlantic dolphins. Endocrine disrupters like Triclosan are also suspected of causing early pubertyby impairing hormonal regulation.

Could the microbes in your gut—or lacking in your gut—actually affect
your mood? Yes, say several studies in medical journals, which link gut
microbes to depression, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, and even eating and sleep disorders!
Cross-reacting chemicals may provide a link between your brain and your
gut and “Alteration of this link may contribute to several
neuropsychiatric disorders, emphasizing the key role of nutrition among
other factors influencing gut content and intestinal permeability,” says
an article in the journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care. Gut bacteria influence the behavior of serotonin, dopamine and GABA—three substances many psychiatric drugs target. Many recent studies in scientific journals
are exploring the link between your brain and gut, now referred to as
the “microbiota-gut-brain axis.” “The expression ‘thinking with your
gut’ may contain a larger kernel of truth than we thought,” writes
Michael Pollan. Depression may also be caused by another action in the
gut, inflammatory responses says another paper in
the scientific literature which postulates that is why it is so “common
in the context of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.”

The bacteria in our gut, collectively called our
microbiome, is a huge, ever-changing universe of billions of microbes.
Each person’s intestinal ecosystem is so individualized and such a
reflection of his unique inner and outer environments, “gut microbiota
may even be considered as another vital human organ,” says one scientific paper. The microbiome has also been called a second genome and even a second brain.

people know that taking antibiotics can change their microbiome by
killing off the “good” bacteria with the bad. That’s why antibiotics can
cause diarrhea and many clinicians recommend taking probiotics with
them. But what scientists are just beginning to learn is microbiomes are
also affected by their outside environment including influences like house dust and even aerosolized matter when
a toilet is flushed. They are also learning that gut bacteria is highly
adaptive and one person’s gut bacteria will take root and flourish in
another’s intestines.


Why enema is MANDATORY

Different things Posted on Fri, March 03, 2017 14:38:22

I know the idea is not appealing to most. This is the garbage shute, and no one wants to go near it. But, and trust me on this, once you experience a true cleanse, and see what is inside of you, and smell it, you will feel grateful and happy that you decided to do this.

For fever, headaches ( especially the ones on top of the head), sinuses, bowel problems, menstruation problems, the list is endless. How can you digest and absorb nutrients when your intestines are filled with plaque of dried up plaque?

You digest food in your mouth, and the separation of nutrients and toxins is made at the intestines. How many of you really CHEW your food?
Your intestines are tired, they cant digest all the processed food you ingurgitate, and this undigested food stays in you for years.
Once you do it, and smell it, you will know, whatever came out of you, was in you a long time, I promise you.

Be clean, be healthy, clean your body as you clean your house. Your car.
Its all in the mind

This video by an enthusiastic individual explains more. His method though is a bit radical. You only need to sit on the toilet and bend over while your feet are on a little stool.

Best FASCIA video

Bowen Posted on Mon, February 27, 2017 11:34:12

What is Fascia

Bowen Posted on Mon, February 27, 2017 00:42:03

What is Fascia
Fascia is the net that holds everything together inside, the water, the organs, the muscles…

Soft tissue webbing that goes even through your bones.
See more with the video, but be careful there is one graphic image.

More Here about how to Hydrate. Movement and a variation of movements is what brings the water to your tissues.But RESTING is fundamental in order to allow that hydration to reach the places of your body. When exercising we push the water out, and with rest, the water gets back in, just like a sponge.

Anatomy video with more info ( and blood) for therapists.

Audio and video for hypnotherapy and meditation

Hypnosis Posted on Sun, February 26, 2017 16:25:01

Dropbox folder with all audios

Deepening confidence 30 mins

Loss meditation (relationship)

Is Bowen an energetic kind of healing? 2

Bowen Posted on Thu, February 23, 2017 10:00:33

ever has cooked a piece of lamb, chicken has noticed a small “film” on
the muscle. This is Fascia. We have it in our bodies, around our organs,
around our muscles, our cells, our fibers. In fact we are bathed in it.
Bowen is gently sending electromagnetic impulses that travel faster
than the nervous system, through the fascia, by gentle touches in key
places where fascia overlaps. Direction,
pressure and placement are crucial, as a small move can send waves (
like a tsunami) from the leg to the shoulder or the head to the
abdomen). These impulses release and “fix” stagnation and adhesions in
our fascia, allowing freedom of movements,eradication of pain, and it is
this ‘dissolving” and liquefaction of the fascia fibrous tissue to its
normal state that allows the impulse to travel farther and further. The
message is sent to the spinal cord, the brain, and the body reaches
homeostasis. Muscles are releasing tension and energy that was stored,
cellular memory that was created in an embryological state, and this is
translated through numbness, emotions, tingling, electricity, pain,
heaviness. Sometimes sensations are not felt due to the poor
conductivity of the fascia ( athletes who tear their fibers and thus
created adhesions that block the spreading of the impulse, or congested
bodies- potato couches). Felt or not, this is what Bowen does, at an
esoteric, physiological, anatomical, and energetical state. It is the
kind of experience one must feel and experience to understand.

Graphic video explaining how fascia works


TCM ( Trad. Chinese medicine) Posted on Sun, February 19, 2017 09:12:12

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM), there can be numerous causes for a Headache.
Below are a few examples.

Headache due to wind-cold:

spreading to the neck and back, pain in the joints of the limbs, aversion to
wind and cold, preference to cover the head with a scarf, thin and white tongue
coating, and superficial pulse.

Headache due
to wind-cold: Affection of wind-cold blocks the collaterals and leads to the
disharmony between nutrient and defensive systems, which attacks the head and
results in headache.

Headache due to wind-dampness:

with a feeling of being wrapped tightly by a strap, chest upset, lassitude,
sleepiness, loose stools, white and greasy tongue coating, soft and superficial

due to wind-dampness: The stagnation of wind-dampness in the meridians on the
head blocks the circulation of qi and blood circulation, resulting in headache.

Headache due to hyperactivity of liver yang:

Headache on
one side, dizziness, irritability, flushed face, conjunctival congestion,
bitter taste, insomnia, reddened tongue with yellow coating, and taut pulse.Headache
due to hyperactivity of liver yang: Anger leads to the stagnation of qi which
turns into fire and attacks the head. The deficiency of kidney yin prevents the
liver from being nourished
, therefore hyperactive liver yang attacks the upper
part of the body

due to phlegm-dampness:

blurred vision, fullness in the chest and abdomen, nausea, vomiting, white and
greasy tongue coating, taut and smooth pulse.Headache
due to phlegm-dampness: Dampness accumulates in people who are fat and fond of
sweet and greasy food. Phlegm produced by this dampness blocks the meridians
and the lucid yang-qi, and headache thus occurs.

TCM is extremely useful in recognising the type of headache and the source of the trigger. Nutrition pays a very important role, hence the use of herbs to clean the liver for example. Nutrition also plays a role, as it is imperative to have a clean colon, in order to evacuate all the toxins that poison the body.
Bowen, is the holistic method that gives the body the tools to start the evacuation system, activates some organs and unblocks the Qi and blocked energy from the meridiens.

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